Weekly Wonders

Hello again! Another week has gone by, with so many more things to love.  Here are some of my favorites things I discovered this week.

1. Just now – Lauryn Hill singing “Something” by the Beatles on Letterman.  She is BACK, y’all! Glorious as ever.


2. Shakespeare.  I started reading “Much Ado About Nothing” with Daniel, and although it’s pretty hard to read aloud without needing to announce which character is talking, it’s resurfacing my love for the hidden wit in his words and his beautiful flowing language.



3. Silly photo shoots.  My friend Ben is an unbelievable photographer (check out a sampling of his work here) and last night some friends and I got together at his place for a silly photo shoot.  The pictures turned out AMAZINGLY, and it was so fun to goof around and look hilarious.

4. Books by Keri Smith.  I just bought “Living Out Loud” and “Mess”, and I’m so looking forward to her thoughts and teachings about being creative and accepting that we make mistakes.


Things I want to do this week:

-join the gym (I will, I promise), and start working out at least 3 days a week.

-cook something using just ingredients from my fridge (Thanks Keri)

-remember that spring is coming! There will be an end to this winter 🙂