Tilda Swinton risked arrest waving a rainbow flag in front of the Kremlin in violation of Russia’s new homosexual propaganda bill. And she wants everyone who can to reblog it in solidarity.

Guys please reblog this, it won’t ruin your blog, this is important

What a woman! 

You go girl! Except watch out for that cop behind you!


Weekly Wonders!


Here are some things I loved this week.  Looking forward to it getting warmer (even though Phil saw his shadow).

1. Patatas bravas :)))))))))) Who wouldn’t love spicy tomato sauce with potatoes?


2. The new video for “Digital Witness” by St. Vincent.  I can’t even TELL YOU how excited I am for that album to come out.

3. Break ‘n Bake Toll House cookies.  Or mostly, the dough…

4. Beyonce.  No explanation required.


5. Vegetarian ‘Ventures‘ red pepper goat cheese zucchini pizza.  OH MY GOD.  I’ve had it twice this week 🙂


Have a lovely week, everyone!

Tuesday Reviews-Day (on a Wednesday)!

So I’m really good at this blogging regularly thing – huzzah!

Today for Tuesday review, I’ll be giving you my take on ‘Sing Me The Songs That Say I Love You’, a tribute concert given for the late Kate McGarrigle, a great songwriter who passed away from cancer in 2010.

I really love this album.  You may think I’m biased because of my head-over-heels obsession with Rufus Wainwright’s music, and with the fact that Kate is his mother, you’d obviously think that I’d love this album.  But in all seriousness, the songs are brilliant.  On their records made throughout the years, Kate and her sister, Anna McGarrigle, wrote and sang lyric after lyric about love and loss, places they called home and people they love, pain and joy and everything in between.  The songs craft images in your mind of a campfire in the mountains or a peaceful dawn walk on the ocean shore. The harmonies between the two women paired with their unique instrumentations containing fiddles, mandolins, banjos, accordions, etc. puts you in a tranquil place, but you feel their words so strongly in the music.

The tribute concert does Kate justice completely.  Anna lifts her sister’s music up lovingly, The Wainwright children, Rufus and Martha, pay passionate tribute to their mother, and talented friends Emmylou Harris, Norah Jones, Jimmy Fallon, and a host of others join in the singing and playing to fill the air with the music and the life and the spirit of Kate.  

I’d highly recommend this one.  It’s a live album so it isn’t perfect in its pitch or production quality, there aren’t backing tracks and overdubs or anything.  It’s pure and simple, and just the right way to revel in the lasting memory of Kate McGarrigle.