It’s letter season!

Recently I joined a correspondence club here in town, which I just think is the best idea in the world.  A jolly guy gets a bunch of stationery and stamps and lets random people come and go, writing letters and postcards to anyone they want.  He even has a list of people you can write to if you can’t think of anyone who’d like a letter, and he even drops them off at the mailbox for you! What a guy.

I wrote letters to some of my best friends from college recently, and I’ve gotten one response so far.  It’s so much fun! I loved her response, it was so sweet and genuine.  Even though we only live a couple of hours away from each other, it’s so fun to anticipate responses and feel that rush of excitement when there’s something in the mail addressed to you!

We go way too fast nowadays.  I feel my attention span waning daily and I feel the need to be instantly responded to when I reach out in communication now more than ever.  Writing letters is my way of teaching myself to slow down and realize that you don’t need to know everything right now.  We will survive if our friend doesn’t notice us reaching out right away.  Our society will be better off if we take a second away from the internet, from the iPhone, from Google, and just relax in the moments we have that we’re learning too quickly how to miss.

I’d love to be able to write to more people! If you want a letter, message me your address! 🙂




Records Are Dying? Not Here

“When it opens on Monday, Rough Trade NYC — a branch of the London shop that has been an independent tastemaker since 1976 — will be the biggest record store in New York City, an ambitious bet on CDs and vinyl at a time when thousands of other music retailers have closed, and the music industry over all looks to a largely digital future.”

“Rough Trade NYC, on a not-quite-postindustrial block of North Ninth Street, near the East River, is the kind of place that most music fans had given up hope for in New York: an airy 15,000-square-foot temple to record retail, with a coffee counter and a 300-person-capacity performance space with a bar that will present concerts almost daily.”


Yay!! Go Rough Trade. Can’t wait to see this shop.


Luckily that actually happened! Although I didn’t bring it.  It was brought to me….mwahahaha 🙂

Today didn’t suck so much as was a little jarring.  I forgot to do something that ended up costing someone else a lot of time and made them look silly to a bunch of others outside our company, so I felt really bad about it.  It in turn caused me to be super cautious about making sure I didn’t forget even the smallest aspect of any task I do routinely.  I then started to question whether I was doing anything correctly – or if I was just missing something blatant that I wasn’t being told about.

I know I’m good at my job, and I know that my coworkers would tell me if I were doing something wrong.  It’s just that when you get scolded for something (and rightly so, I did screw up), my paranoid brain wonders what else I may get scolded about. No fun.