Magical day in the park. (Taken with Instagram)



I’ve been writing songs more recently, which has felt great.  This is one of them I’ve written in the past few weeks, and it still needs some work, but I like the words so far.  It’s about how sometimes people conceal parts of themselves they don’t want others to find out about, especially if they’re in a relationship.  The person talking in this song holds out telling their partner about what they’re feeling until right before they’re about to leave, waiting until the last possible moment to realize how much they need the other person.  It’s a subject that’s rang true for me before, and I thought it would be cool to write a little story about it.

“I might have to go” she says,

“It’s getting kind of late”

“Before I leave” she says,

“Please don’t hesistate to tell me

What’s on your mind

What’s on your mind”

The circles of light  I see

Dancing round her face

Dazzle and challenge me

To catch the smallest trace of aging

In her eyes

Virginia, Virginia, don’t go

Virginia, Virginia, don’t go

The words of our pasts are all in my head

The ivy grows fast, overtaking my bed

Tangled in your light

I’ll sing as loud as I can

You saw me shut my eyes

You found me out

It’s really no surprise

It shut me down

It might be easier to see through my cracked rib cage

Just what it was that allowed me the time and space

to get near enough to count the colors in your face

And to make up my mind, don’t leave me this way